WL//WH Video Of The Day: DEFLATED LOVERS “Shallow Breathing”

Video of the Day  DEFLATED LOVERS

Gateshead, UK based enigmatic dreamy multinational new outfit Deflated Lovers blends Shoegaze and Dream-Pop with nostalgic insight and introspective gracefulness, unfurling surreal immersive auras of blissed-out reverberations into an intoxicating escape on the DIY retro video for the debut single “Shallow Breathing.”

Eerie serene auras blend droning swelling waves of thick hazy sunlight dappled string expansions, cut by steady hypnotic beats, distant celestial cries, and low bassline pulses to emerge slowly into murky underwater temperaments of obsessive, shimmering and prickling guitar ripples, swaying in restrained urgency around the beautifully tragic suffering of female vocals, piercing and flowing in helpless, tenacious momentums.

Romantic Vintage video clips overlain in prismatic, depth defying moods, evoke nostalgia, joy and melancholy in sync with the dreamy airs of the soundtrack. Un-censored enthusiasm from the North American 1950s era of Industrialization opens a youthful lens of awe-inspiring majesty over a Metro railway ride through the modern marvels of Seattle’s signature skyline. International fairground wanderings shift with sky-high observations and double-helix configurations for a gleeful young couple whilst twilight moves in to blur fantasy and reality betwixt the hazy sunset’s surreal visions.