WL//WH Video Of The Day : DECADENT FUN CLUB “Dead Things Never Smell Good”

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Decadent Fun Club is the synth-pop / ‘noir pop’ moniker of four Polish musicians based in Warsaw who released a well received strings of three singles steeped in a “sound full of glitter, burning emotions, dreams and dusk”.

The new fourth one, probably their most intriguing and addictive so far, “Dead Things Never Smell Good”, is a refined piece of hypnotic, daring, modern electro-pop number built on hypnotizing synths, strong bass lines, stark beats intensified by the emotionally detached and sensual voice of the singer, delivering a lavish, alluring and vibrant atmosphere, interspersed with dark and disturbing undertones.

Speaking about the new single, the band says:

The song deals with expired relations and disappearance of passion. When the thrill is gone and you see how love starts to decay, you have to clean it. It is also about how people can manipulate and dominate each other under the color of fake love. In the end even the most beautiful corpse will start to stink and it’s unhealthy to keep it or pretend not to see it

The band is working on the next singles and a debut album which is likely to be released in the Fall.

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