WL//WH Video Of The Day : DEATHTRIPPERS “Disintegrate”

Born out the artistic sensibilities and experimental vein of Leeds, UK based Sasha RaoulDeathtrippers is a genre-defying project fresh from releasing a new 2-track CD single “Disintegrate​/​Hand in Hand”.
“Disintegrate” is an irresistible slice of psych-pop goodness introduced by infectious melodic jangle chords entwined with groovy bass lines and pounding drums, with echoes of early Telescopes and Stone Roses. The numbed and dreamy vocals, soaked in soothing lysergic swathes of keyboards and followed by soaring, hypnotic guitar leads, evoke a sense of disconnection from reality, loneliness, and ‘not belong’, dreaming of going to another place in the universe to find someone who understands him.
Fantastic track, fresh and nostalgic at the same time.
Check out the thoughtful video, strictly connected with the lyrics, adorned by images of death and decay in unnatural neon lights, from a world that is dying and ‘disintegrating’, while people sit around unconcerned, just connected with their electronic gadgets. The only way to escape is drifting away.
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