WL//WH Video Of The Day: DEATH STARE “Isolator”

Video Of The Day Death Stare

Death Stare is the solo project of Salt Lake City, Utah based multi-instrumentalist Matt Wigham, who inspires his sound from an extended spell with a neurological condition that causes constant dizziness, vertigo, and dream state. Field recordings provided by Matt Mateus add an eerie cinematic flair to the video release of the soul-stirring ambient track “Isolator”, the artist’s second release so far.

Gentle piano notes patiently weave wistful melodies around acute, droning reverberations, while pinpoint guitar plucks emit lingering orbs of prickling pain, merging with the slow searing horn-like expansions to create aching tears within the crepuscular tapestry, furrowed in ominous field recordings to echo crumbling decay.

The breathtaking video by Josh Winegar centres on three separate people lying unconscious, as an earthquake slowly buries them alive. An unknown force causes fissures on the ceiling, releasing small dusty particles into gentle swirling mists falling like sand on pale, exposed body parts haloed in dim yellow light waves.  Both relaxing and menacing, as serene sonic auras juxtapose the harsh reality to form a beautiful, dreamy snowscape quickly eclipsed by the deadly accumulation.

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