WL//WH Video Of The Day: DEATH HAGS “This ∞ Mind (This Endless Mind)”

Video Of The Day  DEATH HAGS  

The always unpredictable ambient psychedelic pop DIY experimentalist based in New York, Death Hags has dropped an evocative video, directed by Lola G. herself, for the heady atmospheric song, “This ∞ Mind (This Endless Mind)”, the 4th teaser from the new 8-track album, “BIG GREY SUN#4”, due out today May 13.

“This ∞ Mind” was written and inspired by the mystical immensity of living in the high desert of California before moving to the cosy woods of New York. Introspective lyrics merge with an endless scenic oasis to expand, float, and fly untethered in an intimate headspace of transcendent bliss.

An engulfing ambient breeze of airy morphing synth wraps caress soulful, dreamy breaths and coos with cool celestial airs to invoke an agony and ecstasy of carefree abandon, whilst shimmering sizzling guitar ripples and subtly agitated distortions strum, buzz and vibrate along with sinuous warm bass tones at alternating frequencies to stir scattered beats into grungy overlays of mercurial moods betwixt a beautiful and heavenly female vocal energy merging weightless in the wafting winds of timeless dreams.

Bewitching video ceremoniously swirls abstract auras seamlessly in sync with the insightful cosmic atmosphere of the soundtrack to open cybernetic perceptions from the mind’s eye of visualization. Parallel dimensions molt in shape-shifting waves to cast cymatic ripples, universal symbols, and unseen prismatic spectrums over a subconscious realm of intuitive thought forms, whilst appealing electronic textures, colors, and shapes to heighten the post-human experience with modern, utopian delight.

Death Hags‘ album #4 of BIG GREY SUN, is out today on digital + CD with a special vinyl postcard and a lyric/art booklet available on the artist’s Bandcamp.

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