WL//WH Video Of The Day: DEAR DEER “Joan”

Video Of The Day DEAR DEER

Lille, France‘s No-Wave /Electro-Punk duo Claudine + Federico Iovino AKA Dear Deer are back with an electrifying video, created by Alexandre Dinaut, starring Clémentine Vanlerberghe for the sparkling and charismatic dance number “Joan”, the first single from their upcoming album, “Collect and Reject”, due out on March 25, 2022, via Manic Depression Records and Swiss Dark Nights.

“Joan” is built on a gripping reiteration of a blazing funkadelic guitar riff that ignites dramatic and vibrant buzzing retro vibes carving disjointed bouncy bursts of dance-floor allure, fueled by stacked crunchy and steady pounding beats, deep groovy sinuous bass lines, and layered ecstatic vocals, dropping clear and piercing shouts with baritone enshrouded echoes into rambunctious sways of dire quivering glows and warm rising swathes of nostalgic bliss, whilst confessional lyrics construct an intimate mental depiction of “Joan.”

Spot on video merges lyrical thoughts with silhouette bullet hole imagery to channel a sexy James Bond-style vixen from the mind’s eye of memories. Keen editing, evocative acting, and imaginative props build mystery, obsession, and distorted perceptions using surreal neon tinted auras of off-kilter, time-lapsed stagnation, whilst building a dynamic and relatable melodrama from the quirky, charming, and intimate nuances of “Joan.”

DEAR DEER‘s forthcoming album “Collect and reject” is due out on the 25th of March 2022, Digital, LP & CD, via Manic Depression Records / Swiss Dark Nights.

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