WL//WH Video Of The Day : Deaf Dance “Follow Your Light”

Video Of The Day

Combine dark post-punk and coldwave and stir in some 90’s shoegaze element and you have Los Angeles based duo Deaf Dance. In April of this year Jerry Narrows (vocals/guitar), former singer of Flaamingos, and keyboardist Hannah Doumitt dropped their debut album “A Cold Gaze”.

Driving pounding beats, interspersed with a haze of mournful jangly guitar chords, push the song forward along stuttery, crisp melodic bass line crossed by ominous and piercing icy gusts of synth, to create an introspective, murky and woozy atmosphere shrouded in darkness and solitude, emphasized by Jerry’s dark, somber vocals, backed by Julie’s echoing, sweet chorus, of someone lost into its inner demons. With no solution in sight he repeats, “I could follow your light, follow your light, follow your light.”

A parodic video about Julie and Jeff looking bored and texting each other about the supposed death of Kayne West and a “special drink.” Night falls, it’s a full moon, they are lysergically dancing in the club as glowing orbs surround them. A beautiful cityscape with thousands of lights float through the air as “To Be Continued” enters the screen.

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