WL//WH Video Of The Day : DEAD SPELLS “Deja Vu”

Video Of The Day

Seattle‘s 5-piece Dead Spells are back after a while, since their debut self-titled EP in 2015, with a 4-track EP ‘What Remains’ out at the end of the week.

“Deja Vu” is an hypnotic, brooding and seductive modern sliver of dark post punk, propelled by restless drums and grooving bassline, the brilliantly reverbed effect-laden guitars build an intriguing tense chromatic foil, recalling the icy psych soundscapes of early Banshees, for the soaring, echoed and haunting Natalia’s vocals pondering about repeated mistakes, isolation and insecurity, straddling the lines between a dark, visceral and menacing intensity, with shades of goth, and a very distinctive enthralling strong melodic sensibility, a perfect way to set the tone for the upcoming EP. 

Check out the black & white haunting and minimalistic visuals by songstress Natalia Czajkiewicz about dead cut white flowers, chains and swords with a possible hopeful finale.

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