WL//WH Video Of The Day: DEAD SOULS RISING “Triangle”

 Video Of The Day   DEAD SOULS RISING   

After the surprising 2019 reunion culminating with the fresh sounding, well-received 4th album, “Isadora”, the longstanding French darkwave band formed in the early ’90s in Lyon, Dead Souls Rising, comprised of vocalist Alastrelle and musician Sébastien, are back, with the help of Jonathann Cast on the drum machine and additional synths, to drop an exhilarating art house video, created by Mehdi KHADOUJ, for the new single “Triangle”.

The confessional lyrics dive into the nocturnal realms of perversion, jealousy, and domination at the hands of toxic mind games and dark, romantic desires.

An evocative and elegant slice of classic darkwave, “Triangle” unbridles a wicked whirlwind of bleeding, obsessive guitar melodies that weave restless, aching passions through ominous serpentine bass lines, steady hard-hitting beats, and low, buzzing synth glows to lift a magnetic layering of fierce female vocalizations channelling Siouxie-Sioux into a chaos of sensual and evocative warrior energies laced in sad, lonely longings, cutting vixen deceptions and the distant echo of male back-ups to draw resentful envies from the shadowy, whimsical, and seething sensations.

The surreal video depicts the lust, treachery and deceit of the lyrical drama using the sharp contrasts between lights and shadows to cast danger and mystery onto a retro film noir set. On point costume, make-up, and acting skills extract a gritty and urban storyline of poisonous and murderous intentions from the mind’s eye of imagination whilst flashing strobe effects, intimate camera angles, and black and white photography extract rich and luscious depth from the heady and evocative performance.

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