WL//WH Video Of The Day : DEAD HUMMINGBIRD “Conviction”

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We’ve already highlighted Chicago, Illinois based new wave / post-punk 4-piece Dead Hummingbird, comprised of Matthew Meifert [vocals, guitar/bass, synth], Andrew Smith [drums], Richard Kasbee [guitar] and Jacob Venditti [bass, synth], on the occasion of the first video for “It Won’t Be Me” (here).

“Conviction” is the seventh track on their the second full-length album “OPERA”. The the second video released from the album is directed by Nick Marchese; filmed by Alison Bauer and Molly Kinnunen.  Soaring, persistent synth melodies combined with glassy bright guitar chords are in stark contrast with the the deep sullen bass, harsh pounding drums, and distant, longing hopeless vocals creating a sense of desperation and bliss. The LP “Opera”, takes us on a journey, through the highs and lows, loves and hates, and worst of all, the destruction of trust leading to a feeling of nothingness. At times it is raw like the punk rock of the 80’s, at other times more sensitive and pleading like The Cure or The Smiths. And still at other times seems experimental, ambient, really unable to make out words. One of my favorite record is Green Day’s “American Idiot”. This LP reminded me of that as far as the different tempos, beats and even genres between songs. But there is a story being told in each song coming to a climax that was quite unexpected and is very powerful with a lot of ‘Conviction’. I look forward to seeing what Dead Hummingbird does next. I can definetly say I Want More!

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