WL//WH Video Of The Day: DEAD CRUSH “Los Ojos” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day  Dead Crush

 Following a maybe unripe but very promising debut album, “Good-Bye My Hero”, in 2021, Brussels-based Post-punk project of Barcelona-native June Dune, alias Dead Crush, returns with a self-released new single “Los Ojos”, a song about the fear of one’s own reflection, seen in the eyes of others, accompanied by a video clip created by @yognitse.

Deftly combining electronic and organic instruments, Dead Crush‘s electrifying Spanish language minimalistic style of Post-punk/Dark Wave is synthetic yet intensely human, bodily yet introspective, driving yet vulnerable, striking the balance between pulsing dancing energy and pain-filled intimacy.

Cloaked in emotional, alienating auras, “Los Ojos” unleashes heart-racing swishing snares, meandering bleak bass lines, and vibrant swirling angsty synth strains to rise and fall in unexpected droning frequencies around lost melancholic vocals, hiding shamefully beneath fierce hypnotic spirals of anger and dread. 

Cinematic visuals merge red and blue dimensions with suggestive poses and shapeshifting shadows to explore dueling personas in sync with the psychological vibes of the soundtrack. Symbolic locations of smoky grey warehouse broods, a surreal neon-lit strobing outdoor dance sequence, and a red-tinged cave of darkness express a struggling soul’s conflict between inner and outer realities to evoke feelings of turmoil and psychic distress. 

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