WL//WH Video Of The Day: DEAD COOL “Rotten Mind”

Video Of The Day  DEAD COOL

Wilmington, North Carolina based husband and wife duo John J. Yeagher and Angela Yeagher AKA Dead Cool drop a supernatural video featuring model Raven Kingrey for the Goth-tinged Darkwave new single “Rotten Mind” to prepare for their upcoming string of performances this Fall, 2021.

Dire and disquieting moods arouse sinister icy bright keyboard riffs, buzzing, droning bass lines, and steady thudding snare beats to charge the alluring causticism and emotionally pained agony of distressed male vocals with bleak and urgent hopelessness rooted in the destructive behaviour, subconscious scars, and obsessive despair found in the introspective lyrics.

Flickering black and white dominions capture a captivating music performance lit in mysticism and darkness. Neon tinted overlays ignite prismatic make-up and Gothic costume to stir inner dwellings of ceremonial eroticism. Nocturnal moods draw from the cold, primal skin tones of live, slithering serpentine transitions, whilst shimmering lights cast an electric blue gleam onto a dagger of death. Hypnotic hands dance through indigo smoke screens opening a portal to an alternate dimension where the witchy ritual sacrifice reflects the iridescent skull fractures of a “Rotten Mind.”

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