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Unusually citing among their influences Million Dead, Bloc Party and Peter Kernel, the intriguing sound of the French duo from Le Mans, Day Of Nova is hard to pinpoint, straddling the line between electronica and rock and blending organically the finest elements of post-punk, coldwave, krautrock, indie, synthwave, even post rock. Their distinctive and mature song craft expressions of deep conflicting feelings and emotions, always reaching new exciting and intricate visionary horizons in an progressive effort to perfect their own personal sound.

“Storm”, off their debut 2-track EP,is apt proof of the duo intense and dynamic, but at the same time melodic and captivating, approach.  It starts with an ominous and foreboding tone, obssessive and hipnotic beats, darkly pulsating rhythms, intensely menacing cold synth layers and the emotionally detached vocals. This establishes a profound sense of desperation and sorrow dramatized by the soaring shimmering yet doleful guitars, emphasizing the helplessness and inevitability of the destiny of a song about the severe mental depression of a woman and the frustrating, sadness and anger it causes her loved ones.

Very promising stuff to keep an eye on.

Check out the perfectly paired video by Pexels and Videezy, who provide further hints and nuances to the lyrics.

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