WL//WH Video Of The Day: DAS LEIDEN “Cenizas | Ashes”

Video Of The Day DAS LEIDEN

Mexico’s Goth Darkwave artist Dann Rossier AKA Das Leiden concocts chilly, tenebrous, and intoxicating Dark Minimal atmospheres on his 12-track debut full-length “Chapter I, Dies Irae”, released last June via independent Peruvian label InClub / Infravox Records, while using English, German, Spanish, and Italian to pave dynamic moods through a series of deeply evocative narrations.

Cenizas | Ashes” merges lyrics and DIY visuals into a beautiful Spanish poem to release an overflow of traumatic pain using universal symbolism and religious metaphor to extract guilt, shame, judgement, and disbelief from the burning depths of a tortured human soul.

Menace and danger lurk beneath the cold vast surface of intense buzzing bassline throbs, warm rising glows, sinister icy bright swirling synths, crushed buzzing bursts and waves of heavy trotting rhythms, laced with sneaky rattling beats to pull the shattered fantasies from dead, harsh baritone convictions into a halo of hideous bestial growls, consumed by the fear of stinging and stabbing glittering frequencies injecting impotent dread.

Sleepy cinematic textures, shot by Dann Rossier himself and the Dark Cristobal Staff, slow perception over grey skies, live gig footage, and a shadowy town centre to open surreal dimensions of doom and gloom under the lyrical command of dark poetic vestiges. Skewed camera angles, strobing lights, and smoky airs transform a local venue into blurry ghostly visions, whilst the blood and tears from haunted ancient traditions extract buried mental control from the subconscious lair of indoctrinated nocturnal wanderings.

Das Leiden debut LP, “Chapter I, Dies Irae”, is out now on Vinyl/CD & Digital, through InClub Records.

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