WL//WH Video Of The Day: DAS KLAUS “Fruehling”

Video Of The Day DAS KLAUS

I came across just yesterday to the wonderful world of Das Klaus, a Berlin-based melody-driven electronic combo comprised of Hifi Brown (Music) and Olli Ringwald (Lyrics & Vocals).

Fresh from releasing their debut 4-track EP, aptly titled “Das EP”, they describe their sound as ‘minimalist, melodic, electronic. German lyrics, international beats and synthesizers from space”, infused with hints of Kraftwerk, 80’s synthpop, and a sense of quirkiness and unpredictability that could easily fit in mid 80’s catalogue of Düsseldorf’s NDW label Aka-Tak. 

“Fruehling”, the most atmospheric and hypnotic track of the lot, combines neat vintage drum pads and 80’s synth chords, creating an engaging contrast with the muffled vocals. The entrancing and bleak pop-like melodies, filled with an uncompromising and dreary sense of loneliness and desolation, are perfectly paired with the visual images shot in a big DIY outlet around an empty surreal springtime setting.

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