WL//WH Video Of The Day: DAS FLUFF “Apocalypse”

Video Of The Day Das Fluff

London/Berlin ‘post-punk electro filth’ band lead by front-woman and composer Dawn Lintern, have just dropped the Christian Ruland‘s directed video for the song “Apocalypse”, the first release from Das Fluff’s upcoming 5th album, marking the 10th anniversary of the band first performance, entitled “Destroy What Destroys You”, a 15 track LP, due to be released on September 5th 2020 via Sohappymusic and available on CD and on all digital platforms.

Slow hypnotic ominous drone warps into swirling distorted synth static, flashing abrasive slashes along with mechanical backbeat pulse, erupting dense bass bursts around sensually evocative pained female vocals, alternating between harsh angry guttural cries and disquieted whispers interspersed with daring emotional rebellion to form a dark soundscape countdown of apocalyptic doom.

Nihilist lyrics exhale themes of renewal, rebirth, and survival through an emotionally tumultuous pattern of mankind’s abuse into an intensely defiant stance speaking of the Earth’s resilience.

The sinister video depicts a timeless backdrop bursting in hazy neon hues cast in dark shadows of uncertainty blurring and polluting shape, size, and severity, like time-lapse photography shifts scenes between mother nature’s struggle to rebirth, floral evolutions, and menacing landfills. Aerial photography expands horizons of decay and destruction into terrifying perceptions, cloaked in billowing plumes of choking smog, while strobe lights flicker through a plastic web of sticky suffocation, pulsing beautiful purple and yellow tints of hope upon humanity’s society of filth and waste.

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photo by @evel_smoken