WL//WH Video Of The Day: DAS DAS “The Last Desire”

Video Of The Day  DAS DAS

Berlin-based minimal garage-y synth-punk two-piece DAS DAS, comprised of Cosey Mueller (Vocals, Guitar) & Joe Sarletti (Synth, Programming) just debuted with their demo album ‘DAS DAS Tape I’, available on ltd. cassette (50 copies) directly to the source at this e-mail: [email protected]

The minimalistic rockabilly-cloaked “The Last Desire” bursts off with swingin’ jumpy beats, piercing, shimmering guitar pricks, pumping and creeping, walking bassline progression, and distinctive organ’s notes of lingering anticipation as low murmuring echoed female vocals turn to uninhibited whips and yips under the hypnotic influence of “The Last Desire.”

Black sunglasses cover the eyes of a couple too cool for school in a tongue in cheek DIY video depicting a sensual platinum blonde in menswear dancing circles around her matte red vintage sneer as black leather jacket-wearing tough-guy boyfriend cuts the rug with a portable vintage organ under the glare of the passionate red light.

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