WL//WH Video Of The Day: DARK MINIMAL PROJECT “Ordinary Man” (Ruined Conflict Remix)


The French Dark/Cold Synth Wave duo from Lille, Dark Minimal Project, made up of Guillaume VDR (Vocals, Keyboards, Programmation) and Ange Vesper (Vocals, Keyboards, Drum Machines), are on the brink of releasing tomorrow, February 23rd, the band’s remix album, soberly titled “Remixes”, via Infacted Recordings, anticipated by a video for “Ordinary Man (Ruined Conflict Remix)”.

The LP contains 10 remixes of last year’s second LP, “Ghost Of Modern Times”, by renowned artists like Front 242, Dominatrix, as well as People Theatre whose founder and frontman Peter Rainman also mixes and masters DMP music.

Nostalgic, mysterious, and influential, the ‘Ordinary Man’ (Ruined Conflict Remix), by fellow Cleveland, Ohio duo Micha Meyer & Xavier Morales, adds an unrestrained lusty urgency to the original’s more hidden lurking desires, as vibrant sparkling synth flourishes, buzzing bass line undulations, steady crisp marching beats, and icy stabbing plucking melodies surround magnetic restless vocals, achingly longing, amid a distant Peter Rainman’s epic back-up echo.

Symbolic black-and-white visuals depict the spiritual death of the working business class to sync with the unfulfilled passion nuance of the soundtrack. Dreamily edgy footage of Dark Minimal Project alternates with a skull mask-clad worker as he wanders a bland urban environment trying to find meaning. The story ends with the lost soul staring into dark waters under a bridge alone, evoking a morbid curiosity about what might happen next.

Dark Minimal Project‘s remix album, “Remixes”, is scheduled for release, in ltd. CD & Digital formats, on February 23, 2024, via Infacted Recordings.

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