WL//WH Video Of The Day : DARK LAKE WHISPERS feat. Andrè Savetier “Yarali Yurek”

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Sixteen years ago Dark Lake Whispers (DLW) played punk rock music in the peaceful green city of Izmir. Highly influenced by fellow Turkish band She Passed Away, they refined their musical style to darkwave with post-punk roots and threw in a bit of synthwave to create their own personal sound.

Valen (Guitar,Vocals) and Visimer (Bass,Synths) Darklake’s love and pride of their hometown determined the origin of the bands name, also the name of their debut LP “Karagol”, which means Black Lake in Turkish. Eager to stay true to themselves and their heritage, the decision to write and sing in their native tongue was a no-brainer.

The latest video release “Yarali Yurek” (Wounded Heart), is a collaborative project with interdisciplinary artist Andrè Savetier (lyrics, vocals) from Kosice, Slovakia. He’s also half of Deus Faust, working on a solo neo-folk project, “Tenebris Obortis,” and hosts his YouTube show “The Wave of Things.” A mutual passion for dark, hopelessly sad and lonely melodies gave credence to the latest venture.

Heavenly hypnotic raining synths with deep pulsing bass lines and pounding back beats underscore the frenetic, intricate and mournful spider-lines of guitar melodies layered in hypnotic swathes of sonic doom. The strong hollow exalting vocals of Savetier console the choking, frightened almost inhuman gasps of Valen, creating an atmosphere of pain, suffering and compassion.

The loss of a son in battle becomes more than one can handle as he raises his arms to the sky, begging and pleading for answers. Confusion, tension, anger, and despair envelop the verses like a shroud of secrecy. Why is there so much death and hardship in the world? Why so many wounded hearts?

The pairing video shows a man dressed in black, head hung low, searching for answers. He stops suddenly and lifts his face to the sky. A frightened penetrating stare of reproach pierces through the black dead eyes of Savetier as Dark Lake Whispers chant in skull masks creating a foreboding claustrophobic ring of dark passion.

Melodic, tenebrous, and mesmerizing!

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