WL//WH Video Of The Day : DARK DOOR ‘Cancellato’

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I was pleased when Hélène de Thoury‘s Synth Religion label announced the signing of the Italian synthpop / darkwave / minimal wave duo of Mario D’Aniello (voice/bass/synth) and Federica Velenia (synth) from Naples, DARK DOOR.

It was due not so much to my slight sense of patriotism, but because I was totally certain that the proximity with the former Phosphor, Minuit Machine and now Hante mastermind would definitely have improved their sound.

‘Cancellato / Erased’ is a danceable stormer of poignant and refined dark electro-synth rhythms rooted in a template of snarling goth angst, alienation, grief, spiritual void and proud defiance, I don’t want to choose how to live, I want to choose just how to die’ claims Mario with pervasive baritone voice.

Another shining evidence of the fervent Italian gothic darkwave scene, the first two temping and intriguing bait have been laid, now we’re ready to enter Dark Door‘s ‘Hell/Inferno’.

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picture by Valeria Fuchsia Formisano