WL//WH Video Of The Day: DANCING STRANGERS “Drifting Apart”

Video Of The Day  Dancing Strangers

Tijuana-based, Mexican post-punkers DANCING STRANGERS, comprised of Richard Rex and Eric Curiel, are getting closer to the release of their debut s/t album with the darkly evocative third and last single, “Drifting Apart”, accompanied by a super creepy music video.

Sluggish apocalyptic dominions carve sad droning disruptions, slow dragging ritual drum beats, menacing bass lines and weak, despairing male vocals, circled in fiendish distorted echoes, into a milieu of haunted organic ceremonial  keyboard chords, swirling electronic effects, and somber symbolic tinny shakes to form a dirge of death drenched in the cold distances, awkward habits, and speechless silences seeping between two lovers while “Drifting Apart.”

Eerie, disconnected auras mix surreal technicolour daydreams with obscure black and white basement dwellings to build a bipolar diorama of clashing realities. Danger lurks beneath a dilapidated house, cloaking hidden identities in shadows of doubt. Dramatic gothic make-up, set, and attire draw dire deathly moods through dark, dank crypts of disenchantment, bleeding into ancient ruins to spark ominous looming remnants fading into lost sunset horizons. Hypnotic hands dance precariously close to an electric flame of subconscious desire, skewing camera angles with contorted emotions, shadows of secrecy, and self-imprisoned illusions whilst a purple haired well-dressed man waits emotionless in the invisible binds of pain.

Dancing Strangers‘ long-awaited 10-track Self-Titled debut album is slated for release on September 30, 2021 in collaboration with Red Maze Records (Europe), Bizario Trax (Mexico/USA) and Strange Arts (Phillippines).