WL//WH Video Of The Day: DANCING STRANGERS “Age Of Decadence”

Video Of The Day  Dancing Strangers

Started in 2009, Tijuana-based, Mexican post-punk duo, DANCING STRANGERS, comprised of Richard Rex and Eric Curiel, after about four years of absence, return with a full-bodied, darker and danceable sound, engineered by The Obsolete (of Lorelle Meets The Obsolete).

The band have dropped a transfixing music video for the high energy gripping new single “Age of Decadence” taken from the long-awaited 10-track Self-Titled debut album, scheduled to be released next September / October in collaboration with Red Maze Records (Europe), Bizario Trax (Mexico/USA) and Strange Arts (Phillippines)

Bringing back shaded B-52s party vibes and Wall Of Vodoo new wave eeriness, “Age Of Decadence” is relentlessly driven by an ominous throbbing, rumbling bassline bouncing along dancing mechanical drum beats, swept by icy bright synth swathes that swish and hum atop powerful, spirited Fred Schneider-esque baritone vocals to fall wildly into a cinematic heady vortex, led by penetrating deep fuzzy guitar riffs, with uninhibited moods of dangerous pleasure.

Dark fantasy visuals alternate fetishism, performance footage, and hypnotic strobe effects to form a neurotic stream of modern erotica in sync with the sonic nuances in “Age of Decadence.” An eclectic array of role-playing costumes ignites the mind’s eye of imagination using animal masks, nuns’ robes, and police uniforms, to name a few. Lights and shadows build tension and intrigue throughout the surreal disassociation, as translucent overlays extract overindulgent thought-forms laced in obsessive, compulsive tendencies, opening hidden doorways of the mind with time-lapsed dreams.