WL//WH Video Of The Day: DANCING PLAGUE “Secrets & Lies”

Video Of The Day  Dancing Plague

Portland-based electronic artist Conor Knowles AKA Dancing Plague returns with perhaps his most evocative and immersive DIY track/ video combination yet, “Secrets & Lies” conveys the utter powerlessness, fear, anger, and disassociation that can occur from a physically abusive relationship.

Secrets & Lies” is the fifth song taken from the upcoming 10-track album “Bleak Moments” due out July 2, 2021.

Cinematic wavelengths fuse warm glowing synth swathes and sinister, sad keyboard chords with a mesmeric flow of steady beats to enrapture the intense haunted male vocals shifting between ghostly fear and deep raw panic with quivering synergies and droning alarm, leaving the listener stunned by the organic depth and range of emotions evoked from the cathartic energy.

Hypnotic black and white reflections cast dire moods over a gut-wrenching performance laced with suggestive themes to elicit pain and tragedy. A shadowy silhouette dance interpretation mingles with an energetic surge of urgent restlessness to transition with a surreal bathroom scene, where dark waters ripple tumultuously against a tile wall. Angst overflows the surface to spell out the dangers that lurk below, sending the mind’s eye into overdrive with possible scenarios for the treachery, while a light falling of ash floats weightlessly through the ominous grey skies.

Dancing Plague‘s upcoming new digital album “Bleak Moments” is slated for release on July 2nd. Pre-order on Bandcamp

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