WL//WH Video Of The Day: CURSETHEKNIFE “Filter”

Video Of The Day cursetheknife

Inspired by bands such as My Bloody Valentine, Swirlies, Jesu, Hum and vintage horror movies, Oklahoma City-based shoegaze noise-rockers, cursetheknife, made of Branden Palesano (bass/vocals) and Severin Olsen (lead guitar/vocals), have just released a video for the angsty sophomore new single “Filter”, combining distorted corrosive wall-of-guitar, punching industrialized rhythms and biting lyrics, with a subconsciously heady visualization of wasted youth in America.

A seemingly innocent question, “Why’d you leave?” unleashes a brutal explanation burning the honest truth onto the soul of a clueless self-absorbed friend left drowning in excuses.

Striking steady metallic beats clang along with deep rumbling bass resonance, as thick layers of reverb-laden abrasive guitar distortion overwhelms far-away, lost male vocals falling narcotically underneath the painful piercings of emotional six-string bleedings.

The imaginative DIY video, edited by Luke Marshall, blankets bipolar imagery as negative light casts blinding white leaves and an ominous black stratosphere into the mind’s eye, alternating between an indoor/outdoor backdrop, cloaked in electronic wired games, a retro car stereo, and an orange demonic sky. Picture in picture stacks rotating screens of alienated imprisonment over artificial neon hues pulsing pink and yellow psychedelia behind mismatched body overlays, to form discomforting sedation of surreal charm.

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