WL//WH Video Of The Day: CULK “Dichterin / Poetess”

Video Of The Day CULK

Following the early 2019’s acclaimed Self/Titled debut album, Vienna, Austria‘s alternative rock quartet CULK drop the first single, “Dichterin”, from their forthcoming sophomore album, “Zerstreuen über Euch”, due out in October via independent label Siluh Records.

An intense, melodic, and gripping melodic guitar sound falling somewhere between Shoegaze and Postpunk, heightened by the beguiling vocals of Sophie Löw, whose distorted chords and urgent articulation underline the gloomy side of life with current and relevant lyrics, regarding power struggles against deeply rooted patriarchal structures.

“Zerstreuen über Euch” LP cover

Ominously hypnotic and emotional dark moods rise and fall along sparkling melancholic guitar melodies that linger with subdued yet constant drum beats and deep sinuous bassline throbs, as sad wistful female vocals brood intense maladies into the growing chorus of reverb-laden mesmerizing haze lit by dramatic wailing outbursts of distortion and icy keyboard stabs.

“Dichterin / Poetess” is about masculine and feminine words and the exclusionary principles held within. Dialogue lyrics engage a conversation with the cold emptiness of non-existence, pointing out the directionless alienation, “You know no words for me,” and the daunting silence that brings anonymity.

Alone in a smoke-filled room, a figure stumbles to break free from obscurity, as matte subtitles role “poet” then flicker “ess” to reaffirm the lyrical theme of oppression found in modern patriarchal language. A beautiful woman emerges from the stark scaffolding, wearing only a graffiti jacket and tough facial expression to protect her from a deafening monochromatic light that drowns her bleak essence into nothingness.

Culk‘s Tour Dates:
06.11.2020  Stuttgart, Merlin
07.11.2020  Basel, Hirscheneck
10.11.2020  Mainz, Schon Schön
11.11.2020  Hamburg, Pudel
12.11.2020  Berlin, Urban Spree
13.11.2020  Leipzig, Noch Besser Leben
20.11.2020  Wien, Sargfabrik
26.11.2020  München, Heppel & Ettlich
27.11.2020  Innsbruck, Junge Talstation
28.11.2020  Linz, Stadtwerkstatt
04.12.2020  Leitersdorf, Roter Gugl
05.12.2020  Wolfsberg, Container25
11.12.2020  Wels, Alter Schlachthof
12.12.2020  Villach, Kulturhofkeller

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