WL//WH Video Of The Day : CULK “Begierde/Scham”

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Culk is a brand new quartet from Vienna“Begierde/Scham [Desire/Shame] marks their first official release on Siluh Records.

After early experiments rooted in the shoegaze/dream pop revival, the second line-up grown around the talented lead singer and front-woman Sophie Löw started to explore more distinctive, and visionary guitar-laden sonic territories fraught with melancholy and an array of conflicting feelings and emotions heighten by Sophie’s sublimely affecting and haunting vocals. 

Layers of sparkling, chiming guitar chords, woven with melodic and hypnotic bass underpinned by deep pounding  drums, punctuate instantly wistful and shimmering melodies, crafting an highly emotional, introspective mood rich of subtle underlying contrasts between calm and tension, semplicity and intricacy, bliss and sorrow, as the sublime Sophie’s ethereal, sensual voice, at times dreamy and melancholy at times eerily spooky, penetrates and permeate the ambiguous and mysterious atmosphere, while evocative guitar riffs soar and swirl, crooning dark, fragile yet dense melodies of “desire and shame”.

Sonically immersive and emotionally wrenching, a song of staggering beauty.

The band is actually into the studio again to record their first full-length album, which is planned to be released on Siluh Records in early 2019.

The visuals display opposing elements of black/white, blurry/clear, tension/relaxation while the sheer magic of Sophie’s vocals bewitches and intrigues once again.

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