WL//WH Video Of The Day : Cuerpos Cósmicos “Rain”

Video Of The Day

I found this song hanging around the Russian VK by chance, I was bedazzled, added it to my playlist, i contacted them in the only way possible through bandcamp, she kindly answered, it was just a demo on early stage at the time, now the video and hopefully more as good to come.

A more serious, long and possibly romantic journey should have been “the meeting between a lo-fi indie dreampop comet and shoegazing tiny humans”. ParisCamille Motto and Cordoba‘s Lucas Caddeo connected on line 4 years, they shared their musical tastes and after a while decided to set up a band. They recently met each other in real life, but we’re here to talk about music, not romance, “Rain” is their stunning first single, a 4-track EP will follow soon on Moonswing Netlabel

Swooning and dazzling hazy melodies, chilly atmospheric electronic hums, and sparse smooth beats deftly crafted into something incredibly poppy, mesmeric and blissed out, subtle vapour-laden swells of synths gently pulsing and shimmering, trance-y and utterly hypnotic, deepen in echo and reverb. Their love is unconditioned, unsettled by mistakes and troubles, but they’ll never give up. The ethereal whispered vocals, once fragile and frightened, gains strength and belief. “We can, we fail, we try, again” she repeats all the time and floats away alone over the misty, lush and insidious soundscape and reach finally her beloved, the two voices collide. The rain they feel on their skin, although painful, is like their love : repetitive, continuous, and unconditional.  

Sideral and sweet, spontaneous and melancholic, a debut of sheer beauty.

The touching video shows vast landscapes of the air, sea, and the stars with contrasting imagery between blurry and clear representing the journey of their relationship and the impossibility of knowing what the future holds.  However, when they are together it shows pure delight and elation as they dance under the stars and around a smoky fire laughing with genuine love and happiness in their hearts

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