WL//WH Video of The Day: CRYSTAL SODA CREME “A Drill”

Video of The Day Crystal Soda Cream

Vienna based three-piece Crystal Soda Cream, made of Theresa Adamski, Philipp Forthuber and Sebastian Ploier, certainly won’t be one of the most prolific bands around, with three albums in 7 years, but they properly know how to compose and play 80’s UK influenced dark, poignant and minimalistic post-punk veering from tormented and haunted introspection to taut, frantic punk energy.

The trio have just dropped the new limited 8-track cassette album “Things Don’t Talk” via Graz-based Wilhelm show me the Major Label, a sort of back to basics being the same imprint who released the first Crystal Soda Cream S/T tape in 2012, previewed from the video clip for “A Drill”.

A Gothic romance enigmatically explored through dark macabre imagery and symbolism heightened by the dire foreboding soundscape and spine-tingling anguish of the vocal lamentations ushers unsettled subconscious soul stirrings resembling internment.

Austere dry, rattling drums swiftly stir gritty, pulsating ominous basslines interspersed and wounded by sharp-edged twangy guitar slashes building at once sinister and enticing atmospherics ripped by a deluge of inescapable doom heightened by subdue washes of glassy sombre synth and soaring plaintive guitar leads, as harrowed hauntingly anxious male vocals steeped in impassioned fear and regret to accept the inescapable fate set in motion.

Searching in dreams to forget the pain caused by one of life’s unexpected tragedies proves difficult as items requiring attention continue to come forward. Decisions about the undisclosed event keep one sad soul wrapped up in the madness at hand as he begrudgingly awaits for “a new age set to dawn.”

A haunting black and white video, directed by Christian Sundl, begins as time-lapse photography eerily changing the stance of three people as they are removed one by one from the still photograph alternating with a developing white bulb to represent a large amount of time passing in a few seconds. A cemetery awash in rich green foliage and strangely beautiful headless statues blends with amorphous fog figures and neon circuitry. Vast triangle structures made of clear leaded glass brightly shine new hope contradicted in murky blood red cathedral windows dimming all into darkness.

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