WL//WH Video of the Day: CRYPTOCHROMA “Shadowgame”

Video Of The Day Cryptochroma

A stalwart of the Belgian post-punk/darkwave scene since the mid-’80s, Jan Vinoelst implements, in the 2000s, his penchant for the icy machines and dark gloomy soundscapes, first in the one-man-band Cape Sidereal, followed by the duet Messier 39, together with Ludwika Jakubowska, before starting, a couple of years ago, the cold analogue synth project Cryptochroma with a recent excellent debut album “Numb” to his credit.

Brussels, Belgium based record label Red Maze Records has previewed the upcoming V/A “My Precious! – A Waves Radio Show Compilation Vol​.​3” due out, Vinyl and Digital, on October 1, 2020, with the DIY Music Video for the unreleased Cryptochroma‘s track “Shadowgame”.

Ominous warm drone alarm rises in swathes of murky tension weaving buzzing swirls into fast repetitious beats while icy, brittle synth melodies and eerie sinister notes quiver amid ominous bass oscillations and deep, distorted male vocals grovelling in deeply frustrated disgust.

Brutal lyrics unearth a daily grind of fear, deception, and greed pillaging borders at an unprecedented rate, to leave people bleeding and in tears.

The DIY video unveils blueprint traces leaving glimpses of a path seen only to the lost mind’s eye of imagination, while a scratchy static overlay of hidden structures conceals an underground movement where people dance blurrily in sync with the hypnotic soundtrack. Mechanical levers and valves adorn a multiplex of industrial levels, connecting black metallic ladders and exposed circuit wires to filter a toxic electromagnetic flow through panoramic views abandoned long ago.

Compiled by Fernando Wax and Blackmarquis, hosts of  Radio Vibration’s WAVES Radio show in Brussels, each Sunday at 8 pm, Red Maze Records‘s upcoming V/A “My Precious! – A Waves Radio Show Compilation Vol​.​3”, a selection of new, exclusive and unreleased tracks from favourite bands and artists in the wave/synth/electro styles, is going to be dropped, Vinyl and Digital, on October 1, 2020.

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