WL//WH Video Of The Day: CROWS ON WIRES “This Is Not”

Video Of The Day  CROWS ON WIRES

German elusive dreamy-dark-wave project based in Dresden, Crows on Wires, drops a dark sign of the times DIY video for the evocative second single “This is not” via Look! Mum! No Hit!

Urgent icy humming synth melodies and frustrated, hard-hitting, syncopated drum beats propel prominent numb, detached female vocals over low somber serpentine bass lines and minimal glistening poignant guitar strings to prickle painful memories through the rising buzz, anxiety, and fear of an alienated existence.

Anthemic lyrics describe the solitude, desolation, and confinement of modern dystopic society and vow that “this is not” how things will end.

A journey outward enhanced by muted neon hues casts hidden shadows and reflected ideas into a universal modern dystopic symbol of fear. Birds, trains, and empty stations layer superimposed images of bondage and gloom, spinning ghost-like through a counterclockwise time with hypnotic dancers, revolving carnival rides, and pink reverb lights to depict the lonely road less travelled against the grain, in a backward flow of downward motion.

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