WL//WH Video Of The Day: CROSS DRAGGER “No Love”

Video Of The Day  Cross Dragger

‘Written in one night while heavily sedated in order to cope with a racing mind filled horrid thoughts and crippling low self esteem’, the brand new sophomore 3-track EP “Room 207” from Cross Dagger, the solo moniker of Providence, Rhode Islander David Bagnall (former guitarist of now-defunct Civility), was a catharctic way to deal with that severe pain. 

Incorporating elements of darkwave, new wave and post-punk by combining industrial rhythms, obsessive frantic beats, and cold and evocative synths intensified by a distinctive goth-tinged, haunting voice, Cross Dagger‘s dark electronic sound brings the listener into a dramatic and brooding investigation within the turbid hellish waters of the human soul.

The opening track “No Love” explores a personal battle with depression, aging and feelings of becoming obsolete. It was written as a relief during a span of 12 hours while trying to expel racing thoughts brought on by the horrific state of world affairs.

Hypnotic, ominous deep synths swirl and drone with murky atmospheric backbeats instilling a sense of danger and foreboding as somber, monochromatic vocals lost in nostalgia and regret warn disintegrating synth fragments and mesmeric, surging drum patterns before wavering precariously close to the lovelorn darkness.

Hauntingly beautiful post-apocalyptic lyrics describe burning religious icons strewn amid broken glass and dented doors as floods of violence, tears, and “fits of rage evened scores” leave a path of hate and revenge in their wake.  Turning every region of the world into a battleground that has gone beyond the point of no return because “there is no love here, anymore….. just remnants of civil war.”

Gripping and terrifying visions of a future world using slo-mo video to film gently falling snow eerily floating around a whip-o-will as it cycles, negative photography images of an angel crying in a cemetery, torn love letters, and lifeless  glass eyes, staring blankly from antique dolls, and abandoned buildings alongside dilapidated playgrounds lining deserted streets to portray a stark existence with “No Love.”

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photo credit Hannah Barnet Photography