WL//WH Video Of The Day: CRONE CALL “Copper” (Official Super 8 Music Video)

Video Of The Day Crone Call

In 2020, Crone Call, an enigmatic dark Synth-Punk solo act from Portland, Oregon, dropped a 3-track Demo EP on Bandcamp. In anticipation of Crone Call’s forthcoming debut album, the track “Copper”, ”inspired by Coldwave, Deathrock, and NDW”, is being re-recorded, mixed and mastered by Adam Stilson at Decade Music Studios, and can be viewed as an Official Super 8 Music Video.

‘Copper’ is a brutal introspection about the inhumane competition instigated by the monetary system and the tragic winner/loser outcome achieved by those who are willing to do anything to come out on top.

Reminiscent of Fad Gadget’s visceral strained vibes, “Copper” throbs ceaselessly on doomy sinister buzzing bass lines, crisp marching stumbling beats, and warped desolated icy-bright synth melodies flow and stretch unhindered around powerfully angsty and agonized vocals as they struggle to survive the relentless swarms of hypnotic and distorted visions.

An Official Super 8 Music Video depicts a hellish dungeon torture session by casting symbolic vertical shadows over a dramatic performance by Crone Call whilst metal scales hang in imbalance, mercilessly weighing and judging, to sync with the harsh social Darwinism of the soundtrack.

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