WL//WH Video Of The Day : Cotswolds “I Can’t Make You Feel Better”

Video Of The Day

Just few weeks ago a track from a friend of mine was inspired by death, about how it feels when death comes to see you, if the memories will flash before your eyes and if the soul will wander eternally, lost…

The beautiful video directed by Sima Anditya known as Marra, goes further towards themes like the bleeding sadness, the seduction and fascination with death, people’s distorted view about it and ‘the urge to become one in the nothingness’.

Visuals perfectly punctuated by the distinctive blend of tense and hypnotic post-punk with kraut and shoegaze undertones from the Indonesian 4-piece Cotswolds based in Surabaya, formed in late 2012, they released at the end of 2017 their debut full-length “Tadius” on Hema Records (available here).

I’m reminded of a split cassette with Bedchamber at the end of 2015 through the Jakarta‘s label Kolibri, they had also a debut self-titled EP in 2013 mainly influenced by shoegaze, then gradually refined in the guitar-driven darkly post-punk sound of the present days.

“I Can’t Make You Feel Better”, depicts a turbulent and tormented inner world of loneliness and isolation, soaked in echoes, reverberations and unnerving slight distortions, repeated, hypnotic and intricated bass and guitar, slanted and entwined Vini Reilly-like guitar leads chasing each other throughout, underpinned by motorik drumming and detached and sullen vocals, drawing a dismal, disturbing and shadowy mood of deep sadness, anguish and sense of hopelessness strengthened by an increasingly resounding and ominous bass line.

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