WL//WH Video of the Day: CORRECTIONS “R4TS”

Video of the Day Corrections

Corrections is the self-appointed moniker for East London based, Australian bred singer-songwriter Sam Nicholas, “a name borne from both playful hubris and a reference to his life as a teacher”.

After two lo-fi bedroom albums straddling the line between shoegaze and post-punk, the new album “Projection”, soon also on CD format via Icy Cold Records, veers towards, 80’s British influenced, gloomily intense, unease, dark music territories laced with fidgety synths, distorted guitars, deep pulsing bass and dismal vocals.

The video clip for “R4TS” by filmmaker Eliza May Hinds has just been released.

Sputtering leaded bass vibrations sink flat chromatic backbeats and decelerate a wave of muted synth chords into a slow submissive pace overpowered by loaded lysergic laments of detached apathy over-reverb laden guitar melodies stifled in a skewed synth drone dissonance drowning in the claustrophobic congestion.

Deep lyrics rich in atmosphere use full flattering gestures and sweet promises aimed at taking advantage of vanity, naivety, or possibly exploiting innocence with their authoritative power. It is more likely teen angst-riddled with insecurities, low self-esteem, and easily persuaded “to rack for the shack.”.  “Rack” is Australian slang for cocaine, while ‘the shack’ refers to a renowned London’s pub and venue.

A video montage cycles still photography to portray an abandoned isolated youth starving for attention and recognition set against the backdrop of a subliminal milieu comprised of shadows submerged behind inverted reflections cast onto silhouettes. A plethora of dark intersecting suggestions lurking in the transitions emit feelings of trauma, depression, and devastation. An intimate look at pain caused by growing apart and the strength held by the one who walks away seen through heartfelt photos and latent images intertwined with the hazy doped alienation selfishly taken by others.

A modern unease to the once-coveted immortality of rock and roll stardom cast shadows of doubt into the progression of people as they cry, laugh and dance through the out of control feeling about life.

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