WL//WH Video Of The Day: CONVEX MODEL “Hollow Inside”

Video Of The Day CONVEX MODEL  

Convex Model is an analog synth act from Thessaloniki-GR, and they are another amazing troupe from the celebrated Greek darkwave scene that has given us a number of amazing names in recent years. The official video of “Hollow Inside” was published on January 7, 2021, and the song is taken from their latest album “Quantity Of Motion” via Kernkrach last March.

Convex Model is the new music project of Nick Kapantzakis (Human Puppets, Plexiglas, Dislocation Genders). Using analog equipment the full band comprises Nick (synths, vocals), Eleni Tzouna (synths), George Papadopoulos (bass), Kyriakos Tsakalidis (drums), and Stawi Tsiara (lyrics and visuals).

All things analog synthwave oriented 80s music is the core inside and the force behind this peculiar act. Convex Model are revisiting Visage or the early Kirlian Camera adventures but more than this they refresh it all with later flashes from the Batcave artistic attitude and motion. All you’ll hear in their music is a never-ending party with all the machines that they use to create their art. It is quite glorious and an interesting fact that Convex Model is not a retro-band, they don’t sit comfortably in any ready-made soundscapes but they dig hard for it, mostly to blend their music with the rest of their “research” in music generally. All this analogue-synthetic bundle they offer is clearly flirting with the darkwave, synthpunk occasionally, the new wave and they do it all within the best of the groove they can get to, and they do it all exemplary.

This pretty nice official video of “Hollow Inside” is the best example of their music, and obviously, for what shall follow next by that very talented band from the North of GR. If you listen to the whole “Quantity Of Motion” LP you’ll get their point and you will understand that this band will surprise us in the future; I won’t be shocked at all if any of their upcoming releases will sound a bit different than that. All their seeds were sown in this album and I am curious about what’s at the back of their minds for the future!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike