WL//WH Video Of The Day: CONSTANT LIGHT “Black Ghosts” (Official Video)


Australian DIY electronic experimental pop duo based in Melbourne, comprises veteran musicians Sasha Margolis (Automating, Y35.3, The Salivation Army, and Spitfire Parade) and James Dean (Tugboat), under the half studio/half live moniker Constant Light, return with their emotional-ridden second single, “Black Ghosts”, featuring Drum & Bass arrangements by Keith McDugall, from the band’s forthcoming third LP, accompanied by a symbolic video by Sasha Margolis himself, managing once again to keep a distinctive and refined songwriting consistency without ever being the same as themselves, recalling in this the multifaceted sensibility of Piano Magic.

Enfolded in soul-stirring transformative ambiances, “Black Ghosts” airs a contemplative and immersive warm breeze of winding glowing wistful keyboard melodies, vibrant keys, and sad persistent sparkling guitar echoes, lying over a crisp skittery bed of rustling broken beats, to carry earnest heartfelt layered vocals through the heartbreaking loss of letting go.

Scenic visuals edited by Sasha Margolis himself, travel through a sun-setting portal of pale horizons, ancient tree-lined skies, and fluid expanses to immerse the viewer in the beautiful thought provoking catharsis of the soundtrack. A steady flow of consciousness observes a grey misty cove with a distant island of future dreams where translucent overlays slowly reveal a fantastic grand finale of vibrant, chiming mystical visions.

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