WL//WH Video Of The Day: cold i “Η θάλασσα θρηνεί / The Sea Mourns”

Video Of The Day    cold i

In the posts dedicated to Chain Cult and Nurse Of War, we had already talked about the current, politically charged and fiercely independent, fervent DIY punk and post-punk Greek scene.

Athens based 4-piece cold i are a clear example of it, with their visceral gloomy post-punk and socially-committed lyrics. After the end of 2016 debut album “Wicked Wing”, the band are going to release the mini LP ”Cliff Blossoms” due out next Autumn via Scarecrow Records .

Introduced by cymbals sound, “The Sea Mourns” is an emotional and moving dark song about a painful and dangerous, forced journey in foreign lands. Driven by soaring atmospheric shimmering guitars interwoven with deep throbbing bass and pounding drums. The melodic and tense soundscape combined with the words from the daring, desperate pleading vocals, moves unrelentingly to form a hypnotic and dramatic trip-like effect, reflecting sadness and hatred against the devastating and harmful global economical and financial power and how it tragically affects people’s lives.

Check out the touching and poignant black-and-white visuals perfectly paired with the lyrics.

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