WL//WH Video of the Day: Coàgul & Escama Serrada “Avís de Visita”

Video of the Day Coàgul & Escama Serrada

Forged between 2015 and 2016, debut album “Sub Luna Regis” from Coàgul & Escama Serrada is the first reference of the Barcelona based microlabel Grabaciones Sentimentales, founded by members of Comando Suzie.

A collaborative project between two of the most creative and forward-thinking personalities of Catalan post-industrial scene, on one side Escama Serrada, the solo project of Sergio Méndez, a cult act influenced by the sound of bands such as Coil, Psychic TV or The Legendary Pink Dots with a first LP, after a split album with Ô Paradis, under his belt via label TuT/RuR, run by members of the band Wermut; on the other side the prolific multidisciplinary artist Marc O’Callaghan, a.k.a. Coàgul with a considerable amount of work spreads over different labels, exploring the path of symbolic correspondences from the perspective of various magical traditions such as Kabbalah, astrology and alchemy, deeply influenced by William Burroughs work methods, and the Catalan artist Vangina Dentata Organ’s Jordi Valls.

“Sub Luna Regis” is imbued with an array of dark sounds hard to pinpoint, spanning from harsh, dark and ritualistic electronic sonorities to shimmering synth melodies, properly defined ‘Mediterranean Esoteric Industrial Pop’.

Self-made official video for the song “Avís de Visita”, inspired by Chilean filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky‘s book “The Way of Tarot”, namely by a quote “And I will visit you in dreams” from Maria Sabina, the Mazatec shaman who lived in the southern state of Oaxaca that used to conduct ceremonial mushroom-induced healing rituals in the 60’s and 70’s.

Eerie wobbling hypnotic synth lines, kicks and lashing beats, chiming rhythmic bell patterns set a trance inducing and mysterious aura of mystical ecstasy fuelled by relentless, deep and resonant, ritualistic mantric chants in Catalan idiom, “I vindré a visitar-te en somnis”, of growing fierce intensity delving the awareness of the spiritual consciousness and access to the hidden powers of the mind, hauntingly mirrored by shadowy and oneiric white flashing images interspersed with tarot card symbols, breaking down the barriers between dream and reality, conscious and unconscious in order to recapturing the lost universal value of spiritual wisdom from the indigenous cultural inheritance.

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