WL//WH Video Of The Day: CLOSURE “Paradigm” (Official Video)

 Video Of The Day  CLOSURE

Malang, Indonesia’s Post-Punk 5-piece band Closure, made up of Dheka (vocals), Afif (guitar), Ahmad “Biting” Ikhsan (drums), Axel (bass) and Sabiella (guitar), follow up last August’s psychological concept debut album “Innocence”, via Haum Entertainment, with the single “Paradigm,” and the related heady video by Juniansyah Magesta Putra, to pave the way for a series of tours around the Island of Java, which Closure will be holding with Girl and Her Bad Mood, from 15th December 2022 to 15th January 2023.

Living humans certainly have a paradigm of thinking in life which is built from a series of philosophical theories, scientific theories, and life experiences. “Closure” attempts to visualize “Paradigm” as a nightmare or even a time loop. In the video with red and black tones, a figure interpreting the paradigm wakes up in his own room to find herself stranded in a place that requires her to run down the hall just to find a way out.

The heart-racing “Paradigm” charges droning bass throbs with menace and dread fueled by steady brisk drum beats, whilst tight prickly guitar lines obsessively pierce lost haunted layered vocals, through ominous swells of doom-laden echoes, to manifest harsh lyrical domain of rigid, thought forms, left regretting shared intimacy and newfound dreams.

The surreal video, directed by Juniansyah Magesta Putra, merges parallel timelines of emotional distress into a nightmarish mental projection of suggestive themes. Symbolic colors, on-point acting by Selfi Safira, and subconscious elements sync seamlessly with the momentum of the soundtrack to transport the viewer through the isolating fear, aggressive anxiety, and foreboding self-doubt of our struggling heroine, giving us insight into childhood trauma as seen through the helpless eyes of a troubled teen.

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