WL//WH Video Of The Day: CLOSURE “Harsh World” (Official Lyric Video)

 Video Of The Day  CLOSURE

Following last year’s brilliant debut album “Innocence”, Closure, the five-piece Post-Punk band from  Malang, Indonesia, returns in great shape with a new single “Harsh World”, fuelled with early Interpol-like edgy urgency, via fellow independent label Haum Entertainment, paired with a gritty urban lyric video shot on the streets of Malang City by Devrizal Idris Maruapey, Afif Amrullah, and Ahmad Ikhsan Priatno.

“The song raises the theme of a human living in a world divided into two sides, namely good and bad. However, the world that is split in half shows more of the bad side in the form of an environment devastated by human ego.”

In celebration of a quarter life crisis, inspirational lyrics give credence to the overshadowed realm of light where fortitude and commitment sustain a discouraged heart to keep moving forward,  no matter how dark it gets.

Propelling rushed drum beats along with throbbing bass lines are surrounded by a vibrant and sparkling reverb-laden blanket, chiseled by chugging pain-fueled ringing guitar strains and obsessive abrasive barbed riffs, while a wistful perceptive baritone rises with heartbroken passions into a driving magnetic momentum of newfound fate. 

A symbolic lyric video by Devrizal Idris Maruapey, Afif Amrullah, and Ahmad Ikhsan Priatno merges traffic-laden streets with handwritten lyrics, and Malang City culture to give viewers an inside look into Closure’s influential aura. Blurry distorted visions cast in prismatic flows and disconnected overlays sway in sync with the reverbs of the soundtrack, pointing out how unseen disruptive forces affect psychic intuition.

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