WL//WH Video of the Day: CHEMICAL CLUB “Sit On Your Hands”


Truth or Consequences, New Mexico bedroom pop duo Chemical Club, ‘that make music from a lakefront cottage in Quebec‘ are back with an eye-opening DIY video for the endearing synth-tinged guitar pop new single “Sit on Your Hands,” mixing emotional urgency and lo-fi flair with modern dystopic bliss.

Nostalgic rambling jangly guitar strings prickle glossy melodies/memories through steady dragging drum patterns, sinuous hearty bass pulses, and fluffy atmospheric hums building a swaying calm around angsty, aloof male vocals meandering pace, while high airy back-ups and subtle glowing synth swathes give support to the numb, sad memories left distracted by broken daydreams.

A stream of consciousness flows through the melancholic madness of life reflecting on lost time, socio-economic hardship, and other modern dystopic sentiments.

The evocative video blends vintage lifestyle clips from the 1950s with haunting lyrics about present-day customs and behaviours to form a powerful statement about manipulation, authenticity, and other spectacular illusions /deceptions endured at the hands of systematic oppression.

Black and white imagery cloaked in romance and fantasy takes us back to another era when dressy school dances, booze &cigarettes, and board room fiascos were an exciting phenomenon rooted in extreme escapism and unsustainable work habits. But strategically edited footage places mannequins and atom bomb explosions into the mix of recollections and quickly raises red flags, as to the seedy manipulations of the System in charge of producing such propaganda. It might make you ask yourself, why did they show us families being disintegrated by a nuke and when did we start smiling like plastic dolls?

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