WL//WH Video of the Day: CHEMICAL CLUB “Blood on the Pavement”


Bedroom pop duo based in Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico, Chemical Club never fail to thrill with their brand new single/video “Blood on the Pavement”, distinctive of their equally atmospheric and emotional, heady synth-laden blend of post-punk, dream pop and new wave.

“Blood on the Pavement” unwinds in sentimental auras lit in icy airy swirling synths and eerie lustrous mechanical chimes, steady skipping punchy beats, low pulsing bassline bleak resonance, and mellow repetitious shimmering guitar chords, while melodically melancholic male vocals breathlessly cry and long into the lost tears of yesterday.

An expanding stream of consciousness flows between dimensions of time, to experience modern culture through the clear eyes of personal awakening, to reveal a disenchanted disharmony that exists between perceptions.

Night and day imagery rewinds a nostalgic videocast in cerulean blue skies and dark urban landscapes mixing murky, dismal moods with glistening enchanted memories, to form mysterious energy dripping with unknown anticipation. Awkward camera angles skew reflections of scenic sunsets and grey skies, as time lapsed transitions set motion to hand gesture silhouettes, colourless skyscrapers, and blood-spattered concrete opening wide eyes of deception and doubt onto the bleak existences.

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