WL//WH Video Of The Day: CHARLES EAST “Venom”

Video Of The Day  CHARLES EAST  

Oudtshoorn, South Africa’s recluse Piano Doom artist Charles East combines extraordinary piano flows with beautiful, Tim Buckley-tinged, magnetic vocalizations, atmospheric synthetic washes, and metaphysical poetry to build visceral yet eloquent energies of turmoil and pain in a DIY video for the new single “Venom.”

Poetic lyrics writhe in introspective rage, apathy, and hate to emerge heartlessly from the transformative perception of ancient dark knowledge.

Suggestive atmospherics layer chaotic explosions and crumbling debris flows with an intense, heartfelt vocal melancholy ebbing and flowing with pain-filled quiverings whilst nimble yet potent piano melodies invoke tragedy and hope from the apocalyptic auras cut by ominous crashing percussions and warped, abrasive guitar textures, rising and falling between heavy doom-laden moods and evocative human frailty to elicit a sinister dread, helpless fear, and noxious repulsion for the soul of humankind. 

The black and white visuals transition vulnerable, exposed poses with images of Mother Nature’s unrelenting fury, power, and change to conjure feelings of powerlessness and capitulation. Sunlit clouds plume and shift betwixt night and day, summoning the esoteric wisdom of nocturnal owls for insight and discernment. Time lapsed evolutions depict death, decay, and rebirth, collapsing enlightenment by opening hidden portals of revenge and destruction, thus shape-shifting man’s ambivalent duality into a wicked destiny of darkened sleep.

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