WL//WH Video Of The Day: CHAMBER OF REFLECTION “Peeled Skin”


After a couple of promising demo releases, Helsinki, Finland-based 4-piece Shoegaze band Chamber of Reflection return to WL//WH with a trippy video by angelonline333 for the hauntingly poetic proper first single “Peeled Skin”, a song about the fear and pain caused by a manipulative accuser, who leaves the afflicted, feeling skinned alive and begging for oblivion.

Chamber of Reflection‘s evocative and vibrant Shorgaze sound, teetering between ‘dreams and nightmares’, blends ethereal pain-filled expressive melodies, searing cathartic crescendos of earnest intensity, and pensive, whispery vocals.

A sparkling female voice-strewn arpeggiated melancholic introspection stirs a heavy surge of reverb-doused disarray through a swelling and swirling blistering tide of guitar distortion, reflective undertows, and achingly emotive ringing strains, whilst plodding hypnotic drum beats, weighty throbbing bass lines, and muted, distorted hopeless vocal broods sway and shift relentlessly under the toxic turmoil of insanity’s lies.

Heady visuals blend depth, defying layers of psychedelic perceptions over an intimate performance to invoke the extreme psychological vibes of the soundtrack. Immersive swarms of x-ray plasma, strobing lights, rippling reflections, and blood-stained fabrics open translucent portals to alternate dimensions, whilst cymatic symbols from ambient vibrations lend insight from a universal flow of catharsis.

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