WL//WH Video Of The Day: CATHARSIS “On the Outside”

 Video Of The Day  CATHARSIS

Edinburgh//Glasgow-based Scottish Post Shoegaze outfit, Catharsis, returns, expanded to a trio, with a symbolic video for the latest, equally atmospheric and abrasive, heady third single “On the Outside.”

Observing, for the first time, the world outside of one’s own head, “On the Outside” captures that unsettling, turbulent feeling by driving plodding hard-hitting drum beats through a grey mist-strewn wormhole of humming bass pulses, and insistent screeching echoing guitar wails, laced with warm vibrant fuzzy blankets of distorted droning riffs, achingly resonating around numbed high angst vocals, and suggestive back-ups, obsessively asking, ‘Are you coming out?’

Thought-provoking visuals sync a healing outdoor fire ritual with the new beginning aspect of the soundtrack. To symbolically portray being freed from a mental prison, Catharsis ties a Paddington bear stuffed animal to puppet strings and burns him up.

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