WL//WH Video Of The Day: CATHARSIS “Forget It”

 Video Of The Day  CATHARSIS

Catharsis is a young Scottish Post-Shoegaze duo split between Edinburgh and Glasgow with only one track release under its belt at the end of 2021, who has just dropped its second single, “Forget It”, taken from the forthcoming EP “Drift Apart” which deals with the alienation and depression of an isolated electronic-laden existence.

Nostalgic, grungy moods, reminiscent of Nothing and Lacing, drive nervous, obsessive fuzz-laden guitar riffs, laced with whining high-pitched strains, through heavy stumbling drum beats and hearty bass lines, to carry high-anxiety vocal airs into light celestial drifts above the turbulent murky momentums of thickening gloom.

The accompanied DIY video blends seamlessly with the thought-provoking lyrics to expose the glaring difference between the less technologically driven society of the ’90s and today’s isolating experience. Dim neon purple overlays blur time and space betwixt a heady flannel and denim-clad performance whilst dizzying backward flows of kinetic motion stir the angsty computer bound soul with motivational visions for outdoor fun.

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