WL//WH Video of the Day: CATCH THE BREEZE “Winter Is Gone” (Official Video)

Video of the Day CATCH THE BREEZE

The Aahrus-based close-knit trio of experienced Danish musicians Aage Kinch (vocals, guitar), Andreas Bundgaard (drums), and Lars Madsen (bass), as the atmospheric Shoegaze unit Catch the Breeze, has shared the official Video for “Winter is Gone,” the first entry on the just released 4-track EP “Spaces”, the follow up to the band’s 2022 sophomore studio album, “Into the Wide,” as well as a prelude to the forthcoming third LP scheduled for this Fall via Slowburn Music.

Winter is Gone” syncs the feeling of coming out of the winter hibernation months into a vigorous life force energy, with the struggle to break out of a personal rut, by challenging oneself to grow and explore.

A soothing yet intense dreamy ballad about better days, scented and delicately teeming with chilly dashes of sparkling Shoegaze reverberations and searing vibrant Post-Rock drifts, that sway with blurry introspective swells above shifting drum beats, and sonorous warm bass pulses, to uplift strong, deeply emotive, vocal longing, into a new horizon of hope.

Imaginative and contemplative black-and-white visuals blend a dancer’s graceful beauty with shapeshifting smoke formations and poetic lyrics to express the heartfelt sentiment of the soundtrack. Calm, sensual, and transformative overlays, along with crafty light and shadow manipulation and a thoughtful use of symbolic elements, bring forth the depth of emotion heard in Aage Kinch’s soul-stirring vocal delivery.

Catch The Breeze‘s digital 4-track EP, “Spaces”, is out now on the major sharing platforms.

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