WL//WH Video Of The Day: CASCABEL “Black Sunshine”

Video Of The Day  Cascabel

Cascabel is the nome de plume of French composer, guitarist and singer of Parisian Pop-Folk duo The Reed Conservation Society, who unveils diverse shades of his imaginative songwriting and intricate instrumental prowess through the new ltd 7″ vinyl single “Black Sunshine / New Field” off the third installment of the Too Good To Be True label‘s Singles Club, followed by the visuals for “Black Sunshine” by Maël Auzenet and Polux, also the authors of the artwork.

“Black Sunshine” gently dances on a heady synthetic/organic combination of hypnotic rhythmic pulsations of kraut-tinged repetitions, rolling humming bass lines, glistening, rippling textures, that wander and fluctuate in tinkling, both wistful and anxious, vaguely psychedelic, guitar melodies, topped by surreal glaring keyboard flourishes, over beautifully soft emotional vocal introspections, caressing the soul with angsty care, to expand, hopefully, into endless horizons of “Black Sunshine.”

Molded in nostalgic Sarah-esque Jangle Pop realms the flip side, “New Field”, unfurls breezy and sparkling meandering of melancholic guitar melodies, slowly swept by lithe reverb-drenched distorted guitar layers, over somber, dreamy vocals, lost to an obsessive reverie of regret.

A call to music comes in the form of an apocalyptic lyric video, by Maël Auzenet and Polux, to deliver slight slivers of hope through the darkness and chaos of our modern times. Symbolic imagery shifts between a mysterious country church setting and a dangerous urban industrial landscape to illuminate the different adventures lurking around. Endless electrical lines clash against a chemtrail-laden sky amid graffiti-strewn walls and evocative architectures, to rouse feelings of impending doom whilst open horizons pierced by warm sunset rays and mystical forests stir the curiosity of finding a hidden treasure.

Cascabel‘s debut single, “Black Sunshine / New Field”, is available as part of the Singles Club subscription pack or individually on 7″ vinyl and Digital formats via Brest’s based independent label Too Good To Be True.

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