WL//WH Video Of The Day: CARON DIMONIO “Underworld”

Video Of The Day  Caron Dimonio  

Bologna-based Italian Electro/Post-Punk existentialists Caron Dimonio drop a thought-provoking DIY video for the surreal song “Underworld”, taken from last February’s 4th studio album, “Porno Post Mortem”, the first with drummer Lorenzo Brogi as a full band member, besides co-founders Giuseppe Lo Bue and Filippo Scalzo.

Symbolic lyrics suggest an ancient force lingers in an alchemical realm of death to evoke feelings of helplessness, doom and mysticism.

Bleak, mysterious cyber materials construct twinkling, neurotic icy bright configurations, hypnotic digging, pattering rhythms, ominously bulky warbling bassline throbs, and distant harsh squealing reverberations into a dire dis-harmonium around cold monochromatic vocals, dropping numb and frightened dread into a desolate, heady dominion of wafting doom.

Glitchy, voyeuristic moods follow a lost soul on an introspective journey through the mind’s eye of hidden fear. Edgy punk attitude drives non-linear thought forms along with an alienated urban conflict where a blank canvas manifests inner demons from the subconscious realm of veiled awareness. Enhanced perception triggers Nightmarish visions from the fabled mystery of the shadow self to heal past trauma under the safety net of one’s own timeline.

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