WL//WH Video Of The Day: CARLOS COMPSON “Exterminio”

Video Of The Day  Carlos Compson 

Peruvian Dark Rocker from Lima, Carlos Compson, releases a gripping video for the tragic track “Exterminio”, taken from last year’s 10-track album “El Intermediario.”

Urgent assimilation of blistering guitar riffs bleed dire doom with steady pounding beats and abrasive throbbing bassline menace to grind relentlessly amidst impassioned baritone male vocals shift to fearfully shivering cries releasing ominous omens into the systematic destruction of humanity.

Spanish lyrics unfold in a fatal narrative cast in empty isolation and primal fear at the hands of modern dystopic society and the hidden powers that lurk among us.

Cinematic video, directed by David Macedo, captures a battle for power between an “End of Days” woman survivor and a decrepit old man. Doomsday costume and make-up by Lizette Gargurevich and Isabel Palian blacken eyes with fear and panic across a Post-Apocalyptical set covered in dust and decay, while intense layers of control and oppression unleash in a dramatic dance interpretation and intense musical performance building a life or death tension within the wicked plot of “Exterminio.” Slow-motion transition scenes cast distorted lights and shadows over a brutal struggle for domination, drawing violent suggestions into a sinister finale that leaves one character breathless by a baptism of Death.

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